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If your society is looking to collaborate with RAG in the 2020/21 academic year, then read below for the opportunities available!

Art sale

Help RAG in coordinating our charitable art sale happening this September! The art will be sold online on this website, so we need help reaching students! If your society is interested, please message us on Facebook by clicking here or send us an email at

Fifa tournament

If you believe the members of your society would be especially interested in a Fifa Tournament, we would love to have you involved in the planning process! Simply drop us a message here or email for more information!

Clean up the world

The Clean up the World campaign is a fantastic initiative aimed at reducing food waste by helping those experiencing food poverty. If this cause is of interest to your society, please help us by getting involved! If you are interested in finding out how your society can contribute, message us here or email at

Livestream with Pulse

Does your society have something they can contribute to our live stream? Is there a message you want LSE students to hear? Get in touch about being a part of creating this live stream by dropping us a message here or emailing

We have more events being added to our calendar all the time, and are always looking for societies to collaborate with us! Click the button to head to the events page and see everything coming up, and go on the contact button for more ways to get in touch!