Introducing ‘Fashion with a Conscience’: a documentary style fashion show highlighting sustainability in fashion. 


Due to the success of the two screenings, we have decided to give those who weren't able to come the opportunity to watch and enjoy this documentary. 


All proceeds will go to Women for Women, a charity supporting women survivors of war. Currently, we have raised £520 so please help us reach our £600 target by buying a link!  


After purchase, you should receive a PDF file to download with the video link to watch at your leisure. 




The fashion industry which is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, is highly polluting, socially irresponsible and fundamentally unsustainable as we enter an age of overproduction and overconsumption. As part of the range of ‘green’ initiatives that have taken place at LSE over the past 10 yrs designed to raise awareness around this issue, the documentary aims to be an educational and activist resource designed to empower the cause of sustainability on campus and wider student discourses. 


Conceptualised, designed and produced by students, this is truly a bottom-up initiative undertaken by LSESU Fashion Society and LSESU RAG 'Raising and Giving'. Created and produced along with a small funding injection provided by the LSE Sustainable Futures Fund, this project was envisioned to be a collaborative venture between LSE student creatives as well as sustainable thinkers who wish to envisage a different approach to fundamental issues of consumption.   




Our footage consists of bite-size educational vignettes, sustainable designers’ showcases, as well as interviews with charities, students and designers bringing together a wealth of knowledge and perspective to this topic that can be viewed and enjoyed by students for years to come. Our participants range from sustainable educators, artists, poets, writers, consultants and creatives from institutions such as UAL, The Futures Laboratory, and startups such as ByRotation and ‘Save your wardrobe’. We’ve amassed a kaleidoscope of unique perspectives to provide deeper and insightful explorations of sustainability in fashion and its application in social, cultural and environmental dimensions. The upcoming ‘Fashion with a Conscience’

Fashion Show Documentary : Video Link